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  • Making your home cosier and more efficient with Ecoalex

    Making your home cosier and more efficient with Ecoalex

    Alex spoke at the Green Conversations event held by the St John’s Society in Deptford and brought along the retrofit dollhouse to demonstrate how external and internal wall insulation may be used to maximize heat conservation while preserving historical featuresin a solid wall property. The retrofit dollhouse serves as an educational tool, showcasing the possibility…

  • Building a green roof in South London

    Building a green roof in South London

    New green roof in South London with gabion cages for the sides, insulation and biodiverse planting.

  • New green roof in Dulwich

    New green roof in Dulwich

    I put together another roof in Dulwich recently and thought I would share a few pictures and details. This one started out with a visit to the clients to have a look at the roof. They had initially asked about a sedum roof and possibly even a cartridge system so I hadn’t been that keen.…

  • Thriving green roof in Welwyn Garden City

    This green roof on an extension in Welwyn Garden City is nearly 10 years old and has been thriving. This was the first green roof I made so I was a little cautious about the loading, the middle are is sedum on a foam drainage mat with very little soil. The edges have more soil…

  • Marlow roof update

    Some gorgeous pictures from the roof I built in Marlow last year including some priapic sedums!

  • ‘Spectacular’ green roof in Dulwich

    ‘Spectacular’ green roof in Dulwich

    I built this one last week on a garden office in Dulwich. I don’t do so many sedum roofs but this did come up looking really nice and is instantly green. The roof build up was using the Optigreen lightweight roof system. A protection fleece over the waterproofing, drainage layer, lightweight substrate and pregrown sedum…

  • SYdenham hill green roof

    This is a small green roof on a modern house in Sydenham Hill. It uses white painted railway sleepers for a frame to match the fascia boards on the house and I think fits in very well.

  • Highgate green roof

    Highgate green roof

    A 2 section green roof installed in Highgate as part of an Eco retrofit being carried out at the property. We incorporated reclaimed york stone paving slabs to create a path which was lined with lemon thyme that should grow over it and release a fragrance when trodden on. Some of the existing planters were…

  • Gabions and cyclamen, a new green roof in Herne Hill

    Gabions and cyclamen, a new green roof in Herne Hill

    It’s taken a little while to share this new green roof I built in Herne Hill recently. There were a number of challenges here particularly the height of the roof with no edge protection, we used a harness to install the edges. The edges were built using gabion cages filled with cobbles. This created a…

  • Low impact green roof in Marlow

    Lots of green roofs going in recently and I need to spend more time documenting them. This one in Marlow on a garage was a new design that I am quite pleased with. I have been working for a while to reduce further the plastics going into a green roof. I used to work with…