Retrofitting your home for the future

We are here to make your home energy efficient and a wonderful, comfortable place to live
We will produce a retrofit improvement plan for your home based on industry best practice. We don’t restrict ourselves to energy efficiency either, we also look at air quality, overheating and improving biodiversity.

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Extension built with reclaimed materials
A kitchen with reclaimed materials and super insulation.

We offer a full service using industry recognised standards to ensure that your retrofits are specified and installed effectively. Our home assessment is carried out to the PAS2035 standard for retrofitting, this looks at the technical composition of the house, what are the walls made of, how is the roof built, how are any extensions constructed and joined to the existing building. This also identifies any defects in the building and if they need to be dealt with before any retrofit takes place. The other key part of PAS2035 is to look at ventilation in your home ensuring you have adequate extraction of moisture and provision of fresh air as your retrofit progresses and your house becomes more air tight. This is all regulated by Trustmark and your whole project can be registered and quality guarantees issued for the work.

From this data we produce an Improvement option evaluation for your house which looks at all the things you could do to change the property and the effect they would have on fuel bills and carbon emissions.

The date here is used to produce a medium term plan for the house, showing the work to be done in an order that suits you for the next 10-20 years.

The plan is divided into phases, usually initial fabric improvements, renewable energy and longer term ambitions.

Alongside this we also look for opportunities to improve biodiversity around your home as part of the retrofit, this can be including bird or bat boxes as part of a wall insulation scheme or adding green roofs as part of roof insulation. 

Green roof

Overheating is becoming a big issue in this country as we feel the impact of climate change and also look to include more glass in buildings. If you are worried about this we can also use the data to produce an overheating assessment of your house using the Good Homes Alliance overheating tool. We will then suggest mitigation options including shading and living walls and green roofs which provide natural cooling in buildings.

Once you have finalised your plan we can help you carry out your retrofit, we work with a number of trusted installers that have a track record of doing good work for our clients and have also shown a willingness to learn new ways of working. We can help you with specification of work, monitoring and lodging the work with Trustmark the industry certification body. We also offer an in house design and construction service for green roofs and other biodiversity improvements.

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Insulated wall

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