Retrofitting your home

Initially we would produce a whole house retrofit plan for your house, working with yourself and any other professionals and architects involved. This would be carried out using the PAS2035 specification for retrofit projects. In London and the South East we charge £550 (£650 for larger houses) for the whole house retrofit plans, this includes the following:

  • Initial 15 minute video call introduction to discuss the process and your aspirations (this can be done before signing up)
  • Technical survey by a PAS2035 retrofit assessor to gather data on your house.
  • Draft whole house retrofit plan to the PAS2035 standard with recommendations for improving your house, this includes ventilation, fabric, renewable energy and a risk assessment. You will also get an improvement option evaluation showing the carbon cost effectiveness and payback times for each option and a biodiversity improvement plan.
  • An indicative Superhomes rating if you carried out all the work
  • A 1 hour video follow up to discuss the report, any changes needed and next steps
  • A final copy of the report.

This should give you a picture of your house currently and how you might improve it. It will also include all the documentation needed for a PAS2035 retrofit, this standard is likely to be required by any bodies offering funding for retrofit so you will be a little ahead with that. I will also let you know of any funding schemes that I find for your area.

If you have a problem with overheating I am able to also carry out an overheating assessment (using the Good Homes Alliance overheating tool) for your property using the information collected above for a further £75.

After this I am available to help take your project through the design and installation stages and register the final work with Trustmark for certification. I can also carry out a Superhomes design stage assessment to work out what your retrofit would achieve and prepare you for the monitoring stage of the Superhomes scheme if this is of interest to you. This breaks down as follows:

  • Specification of items to be installed, U value calculations for actual insulation build up and modelling for specific heat pumps and solar arrays. £100 per measure and overall design approval £120 (can be carried out by your architect)
  • Installation agreement with approved installers and oversight of project 10% of installation cost
  • Lodgement of project with Trustmark £100
  • Superhomes design stage assessment £150
  • Green roofs. I build green roofs, mostly in London for extensions, garages, garden offices, bike sheds and any other place you want to have plants instead of looking at waterproofing. POA

To find out more contact 020 8133 0190

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