Mini green roofs

I am giving a short talk at the London Green Fair next month on building your own green roof so I have been looking around for examples.

They are starting to appear all over the place now. Near my home in Lambeth there is a lovely community roof on some garages where they grow wheat and the South bank centre put up a lovely roof last year with allotments.


Up in North London I came across this roof in a front garden, the best
looking bin cupboard I have seen. I also think this could be applied to front garden bike sheds as well and make them a much more attractive part of the streetscape, maybe they could put one in Bonnington Square in the future to go with the current metal one. As Ecoalex I will certainly be recommending similar ones.

I am quite looking forward to the talk and will hopefully generate some questions and debate. I will also have a mini green roof with me so you can see how they are put together and imagine what you might do so come along and see me on the Saturday.

If you can’t make it but would like some help building a roof get in touch with me at Ecoalex.


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