Loft insulation with clutter

I have just started working on a little project to insulate a loft without losing the storage space in the loft for my company Ecoalex Ltd. Like most people in London my customer has a lot of junk in the loft and doesn’t want to lose it as a storage space.

We are planning to use loft stilts to raise the existing boards up 175mm so we can get in the recommended 270mm of insulation. As you can get the insulation done for free from various companies that is being arranged separately. In the meantime we worked out the number of boards needed to create two areas of 2m2 and then the number of stilts to order to support them. All due to happen at the weekend, I will let you know how it goes and update with some photos.

Update 1: The stilts have arrived and we are all ready to install tomorrow.

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  1. Carmen M avatar

    that really does become a hassle, I have put off getting loft insulation spray in my office for quite a while now because I cant really move the stuff anywhere else.. Great help Thanks

  2. Loft and Insulation avatar

    Thank you for offering such a thorough and detailed description of how to construct an insulated loft trapdoor.

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