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External wall insulation

I have been developing my services for external wall insulation. There has been demand from a number of customers and the new green deal cashback offer of up to £6,000 is particularly attractive to customers.

I can now offer all the services involved to get your solid wall house fully insulated from the outside. First I can get your house prepared to receive the insulation including treating any damp, repointing brickwork etc. Then you have a green deal survey for £99 along with a quote for the external wall insulation. Once this is done you should be eligible for the cashback on the works and you can repay the balance either in a lump sum or through green deal finance.

You may be worried about the appearance of external wall insulation. I recently attended the Walthamstow green open homes event and took some pictures.


The above house has been insulated on the side and this has then been rendered. You can probably see the work better in the next photo.


The door is for ashes from the fire and has had a special insulated panel built in to stop heat loss through this detail. Finally there is a close up of the profile to give you an idea of the build of the work. The insulation is fixed to the wall using plugs. Then a bottom coat is added to the insulation followed by a mesh. Finally a render in the color of your choice is supplied to the top. If you don’t like render you can get a brick or a wood cladding.


Of course if you have the whole house done you won’t have an exposed edge like this.

So if you are based in London get in touch and I can help you make your home warmer for less. Email to get started.

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