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  • Building a green roof in South London

    Building a green roof in South London

    New green roof in South London with gabion cages for the sides, insulation and biodiverse planting.

  • Marlow roof update

    Some gorgeous pictures from the roof I built in Marlow last year including some priapic sedums!

  • Stoke Newington roof

    Stoke Newington roof

    This was a tiny green roof built as part of a refurb a friend was doing in Stoke Newington. Some nice plants from New Covent Garden and great to have some builders on site to carry all the soil upstairs.

  • Green roof in Wood Green

    Green roof in Wood Green

    This is one I did last year that has been growing really well. The roof was on a new extension so the clients were able to design in extra big joists so we could support a good depth of soil on the green roof. They managed to get a 5m extension so we had a…

  • Low impact green roof in Marlow

    Lots of green roofs going in recently and I need to spend more time documenting them. This one in Marlow on a garage was a new design that I am quite pleased with. I have been working for a while to reduce further the plastics going into a green roof. I used to work with…

  • Extension in Kennington with green roof

    I went to visit an extension in Kennington which has the biggest domestic green roof I have built. There are some very big skylights so it isn’t all green but it looks great. This first picture shows the rear extension with some rather fine timber cladding, you can see the plants poking over the top of…

  • Reclaimed materials in side return extension in Hackney

    Reclaimed materials in side return extension in Hackney

    A side return infill extension with an industrial style. Extensive use of reclaimed materials, high standards of insulation and a wildflower green roof. We completed this project late on last year working with Clements Design as the architects. The project aimed to turn a cramped kitchen into a spacious area for cooking, eating and socialising.…

  • Nine months in and this green roof has been thriving

    I went to see the roof I built in Kennington last month and took some photos I thought I would share. I wrote about this one last year showing the build up process to a green roof. I was particularly pleased that the insulation we put on as an added extra has made a real difference…

  • Will making my house green save me from the zombie apocalypse?

    I was pleased to see lots of discussion of the zombie apocalypse on twitter the other day, all sparked by this blog from the US Centre for Disease Control http://blogs.cdc.gov/publichealthmatters/2011/05/preparedness-101-zombie-apocalypse/ So I was thinking about how the zombie apocalypse might affect my business of eco retrofitting, pretty badly I think and I am not sure…