Construction sustainability

Sustainable India?

On my holidays at the moment having an amazing time in India. Thought I might try and write something about sustainability.

So far I think the natural air conditioning is my favourite.

Red fort

This is from the Red fort in Agra. Nice carvings but the point too look at is the thick walls. These conceal a huge air gap that provided insulation to maintain a steady temperature.

Then the summer palaces have a brilliant arrangement of screens with holes to draw the wind through.


These are then supplemented by
water running through the area or over hanging fabrics. This then evaporates in the breeze and creates a cool atmosphere. It needs quite a bit of space to pull it off but the bills are pretty low. Water in this part of the world is fairly limited so will have to work out how too recycle it but will see what I can think of.

So will do an experiment with the
windows and some blankets next summer when it gets warm.