Green roof on the way

I have been planning to make a green roof for a while and this week events overtook us as the roof I have been planning to use sprung a leak in the rain. This meant bringing everything forward but was a useful method of avoiding procrastination. However it did mean we needed to re felt the roof before getting started on the green roof bit.

So I stripped the felt on Tuesday between further rain and cleaned off the roof. This revealed a number of boards that had to be replaced. So ripping and measuring took place.

The roof stripped of rotten boards

Whilst we were doing this we took advantage of the holes in the roof to work on another aspect of the retrofit, insulation. There was plenty of room in the roof for insulation but without taking the roof off, no way of getting it in there. I suppose this means the leak did us a favour but still quite hard work. But we did manage to get 200mm in across the whole roof which should make a big difference come the winter.

Thick insulation in the roof void

We have checked the strength of the roof and because the joists are quite close together (320mm) we should be able to get something a bit more substantial than a sedum mat for some of the area at least and are planning a wild flower area with some sedum in the middle to keep the weight down. The new boards are in place and the butyl liner is due next week so we should have it complete pretty soon.

Quite proud of our carpentry, they all fitted first time.

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