Biodiverse green roof

My favourite roof, a combination of wildflowers and some mature plants to add instant green. This roof uses 120-150mm of substrate to provide enough soil for a good variety of plants. The roof is planted with aliums, sea burnet, stipa (grasses) and crocus bulbs in season. I also sow a seed mix containing 20+ wildflower and grass seeds, these will provide excellent bee and insect friendly planting. The plants and seeds will spread and develop over about 3 years or so until they have all found the right place. To this we add some log piles to provide refuge for invertebrates. I have been developing an all natural version of this roof and it is now available with a cobble retaining border and a drainage layer made of expanded clay pebbles. I am still using a geotextile root barrier and a recycled retaining and protection fleece underneath.

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Other information

Green roof for suitable flat and mildly pitched roofs

Structural assessment required

Weight up to 150kg per m2

Bespoke design for your roof

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