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Green roofs. I build green roofs, mostly in London for extensions, garages, garden offices, bike sheds and any other place you want to have plants instead of looking at waterproofing.

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sedums on a green roof
Priapic sedum

I produce roofs that fit your location and your design choices. Be that a smooth, instantly green sedum or a wild landscape of plants they all cool the rooms underneath, reduce water run off and provide new habitats for insects and birds. I can make the roof of your new extension a biodiversity net gain and an attractive feature instead of a dull mass of grey. I work with your architect or builder to ensure the roof is built to the right standard and then design and install the roof to your specification. I can also install a green roof on an existing roof dependent on its structural strength.

I can build living walls for both inside and outside your house. I use natural and recycled materials as much as possible. Planting is designed to attract insects and bees and increase biodiversity. I source plants an substrate (green roof soil) from the UK and design the roof specifically for the location and the clients requirements. 020 8133 0190

TrustMark registered PAS 2035 retrofit co-ordination.
I am also one of the few qualified Retrofit Co-ordinators in the country and recently completed the Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Co-ordination and Risk Management and can co-ordinate retrofit projects to PAS 2035.

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Checking a boiler model for efficiency details

I can deliver an assessment of your house and produce a medium term retrofit plan laying out energy improvements to your house and their impact on your bills and carbon emissions. This plan can then be developed with you and installers to deliver a retrofit that is compliant with the new PAS 2035 standards.

Unlike other assessment services I also use my knowledge of biodiversity

Ecoalex ltd is Trustmark approved to deliver Retrofit Co-ordination for domestic building projects. I can help you effectively manage your project to improve the energy efficiency of your house.

My basic service starts with a quick video chat (15 mins) with you just to work out what your motivations are for the project and any initial questions you have. The rest of the process unfolds as follows:

  • Technical survey by a PAS2035 retrofit assessor to gather data on your house.
  • Draft whole house retrofit plan to the PAS2035 standard with recommendations for improving your house, this includes ventilation, fabric, renewable energy and a risk assessment. You will also get an improvement option evaluation showing the carbon cost effectiveness and payback times for each option and a biodiversity improvement plan.
  • An indicative Superhomes rating if you carried out all the work
  • A 1 hour video follow up to discuss the report, any changes needed and next steps
  • A final copy of the report.

This should give you a picture of your house currently and how you might improve it. It will also include all the documentation needed for a PAS2035 retrofit, this standard is likely to be required by any bodies offering funding for retrofit so you will be a little ahead with that. I will also let you know of any funding schemes that I find for your area.

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I can help you deliver a complete green project for you and your home. Email me to arrange an appointment

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